Who dies in ‘The White Lotus’ Season 2 finale? Our theories

Warning: The following accommodates spoilers from the primary six episodes of “The White Lotus” Season 2.

In case you or any of your nearest and dearest have been watching “The White Lotus” this season, your textual content messages are possible already filled with hypothesis about Sunday’s grand finale. The Season 2 premiere, by which Daphne (Meghann Fahy), alive and kicking, brushes up in opposition to a corpse within the water not removed from the seashore, accommodates scant few clues to go on, although if a resort staffer’s report back to supervisor Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore) is to be believed, it’s spaghetti Western-level carnage: One visitor — presumably the one floating within the ocean — has drowned, and there are unspecified “other bodies” nonetheless to depend.

Collection creator Mike White has, if not matched the feverish watercooler buzz of the Emmy-winning first season, not less than concocted a “Clue”-style mystery with a seemingly infinite number of possible outcomes. Who lives? Who dies? Who commits murder? And how will it all go down? Here are answers from seven Times staffers who are members of the White Lotus loyalty rewards program.

At least one of us has to be close. Right?

Meredith Blake, employees author

Theo James as Cameron in “The White Lotus.”

(Fabio Lovino/HBO)

Who’s the floating corpse? Cameron (Theo James)

Who is the killer? Daphne. It appears clear to me that Daphne is way extra crafty than she initially appears, and that she’s heading for a disaster that may finish in violence. “But wait,” you say, “she’s the one who discovers the body in the first scene of the season. She can’t be the killer!”

Precisely! She is placing on a entrance. We all know that Daphne is a “Dateline” aficionado who’s watched numerous hours of true-crime TV and cheerfully makes jokes about killing and torturing folks. We additionally know she’s an skilled fabulist who makes use of devious schemes (faux trainers, spontaneous in a single day journeys to luxurious palazzi) to make her untrue husband jealous. Which makes her precisely the kind of one that would make an enormous present of cheerfully chatting up strangers on the seashore (and screaming on the website of a corpse) after killing somebody with a purpose to appear not responsible.

How did it occur? Daphne learns that Cameron owes Lucia cash and turns into enraged — not as a result of he cheated on her, a actuality she has lengthy since accepted of their marriage, however as a result of it’s proof of a fair larger betrayal: He’s broke, which might clarify each his reluctance to pay Lucia (Simona Tabasco) and his eagerness to enter enterprise with Ethan (Will Sharpe). She clocks him over the pinnacle with a type of Moorish busts, then forces Lucia to assist her get rid of the physique. It’s a “Dateline” particular within the making!

Theory of the case: This season is all about intercourse, need, cash and the transactional nature of intimate relationships — even these not involving intercourse staff. Daphne’s marriage could seem passionate on the floor — after two youngsters she and Cam can’t preserve their arms off one another — however at its core it’s transactional. So when Cameron violates the unwritten phrases of their settlement, she snaps.

[Editor’s note: The following responses were not requested in the original questionnaire to Times staff. “The White Lotus” just has this effect on some people.]

Largest drawback with this idea: Killing Cameron would violate one of many basic tenets of “The White Lotus”: that wealthy white guys are by no means held accountable.

Elaborate supplemental idea: Daphne is concerned in nefarious acts that will likely be revealed within the finale, however the physique within the opening scene belongs to a different sufferer of a separate crime involving the Tanya/Portia social gathering. My cash’s on Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) changing into the sacrificial lamb in what seems to be a plot hatched by secret lovers Quentin (Tom Hollander) and Greg (Tom Gries), who appears to be like an terrible lot just like the “cowboy” within the picture with Quentin, to get their arms on Tanya’s (Jennifer Cooldige) fortune. I don’t suppose White would ever kill off Jennifer Coolidge, who can also be in apparent peril, however he’d kill the youthful model of her — a.ok.a. Portia. Like Armand in Season 1, Portia is somebody we care about sufficient for her dying to harm. She was so blinded by her lust for Jack (Leo Woodall) and assured in her personal savvy that she ignored many obtrusive crimson flags about him and his “uncle.” Plus, she occurs to not be rich, which by the legal guidelines of “The White Lotus,” robotically makes her extra susceptible.

Boris Kachka, books editor

Jon Gries as Greg in "The White Lotus."

Jon Gries as Greg in “The White Lotus.”


Who’s the floating corpse? Greg

Who is the killer? Tanya

How did it occur? Tanya is woke up by a nightmare, Niccoló (Stefano Gianino) is handed out chilly. She wants to seek out water and a few Valium and goes rooting round the home. By means of the patio window she sees Greg and Quentin. Greg catches her eye and walks purposely inside. Tanya is terrified. And pissed. She goes again for the gigolo’s gun and involves the door. Greg barges in with bizarre explanations, then scoffs on the gun and tries to seize it. It goes off and he’s useless. Niccoló wakes up, realizes he’ll be blamed. He and Tanya steal off collectively on his boat, dump the physique earlier than he returns her, at daybreak, to Taormina.

Theory of the case: Greg and Quentin hatched a plan to entice Tanya into adultery and nullify their prenup. Greg by no means went to Denver. He wasn’t ever sick. Niccoló will inform Tanya this on their lengthy boat experience of dying. Symbolically it is sensible, because the flowerpot statues Mike White is at all times lingering on relate to the legend of a traveler from a overseas land who has a household again house, and who’s beheaded as revenge. The twist right here is that Greg’s “family” is in Palermo. As for the opposite our bodies, presumably Dominic (Michael Imperioli) and Lucia, the pimp being an precise hazard, in any case. However extra possible it’s a crimson herring and there have been some murders of company we didn’t know.

Josh Rottenberg, employees author

Haley Lu Richardson in "The White Lotus."

Haley Lu Richardson in “The White Lotus.”

(Fabio Lovino/HBO)

Who’s the floating corpse? Portia

Who is the killer? Jack

How did it occur? He drowns her after she realizes he’s been deceiving her all alongside

Theory of the case: Within the “White Lotus” universe, the rich evade penalties whereas those that assist and allow them pay the worth. The scheme to rip-off Tanya out of her riches will unravel and the Mafia will take out Greg, Quentin and Jack — the opposite our bodies referenced within the premiere — to cowl up the mess. Portia will likely be a collateral sufferer however fan-favorite Tanya will survive to deliver her particular model of chaos to Season 3.

Matt Brennan, deputy editor, leisure & arts

F. Murray Abraham in "The White Lotus."

F. Murray Abraham in “The White Lotus.”

(Fabio Lovino/HBO)

Who’s the floating corpse? Bert Di Grasso (F. Murray Abraham)

Who is the killer? Time

How did it occur? A moonlight swim within the sea.

Theory of the case: As my pals will laughingly report, I’m about as credulous because it’s doable to be in the case of narrative building — I fairly actually homosexual gasped when that door opened on Jack reaming his “uncle” Quentin (Tom Hollander) on the finish of Episode 5. So grain of salt and all that. However I can’t assist suppose that White, who capped Season 1’s lacerating satire with probably the most ignominious display deaths in current reminiscence, is probably going, as soon as once more, to land a coup de grace aligned with the temper of the piece. And no character extra intently captures the simmering melancholia of “The White Lotus” this season than Bert, who’s spent his time in Sicily up shut and private with the son and grandson to whom he’s handed on his sins. As he says within the penultimate episode, after the Di Grasso males discover their return to the ancestral seat stopped on the level of a nonna’s knife: “There is no homecoming. Not for me. Not anymore.” I take him at his phrase.

Anousha Sakoui, employees author

Theo James in "The White Lotus."

Who’s the floating corpse? Cameron
Who is the killer? Ethan

How did it occur? They struggle within the water and Ethan kills Cameron by holding him underwater in a wrestling grip as seems within the teaser trailer for the finale.

Theory of the case: It’s clear Ethan and Cameron’s beef goes approach again to their faculty days, and Ethan’s frustration might need abruptly been uncapped. In Episode 6 it appeared like Ethan had some sort of psychotic break after suspecting Harper (Aubrey Plaza) was dishonest with Cameron. In the end, they thought they have been the sane couple and its slowly emerged they weren’t! There is clearly a couple of fatality, as was flagged within the first episode. I feel Jack and Quentin will come to blows too as that uncle/nephew pretense unravels.

Mary McNamara, columnist and tradition critic

Adam DiMarco as Albie Di Grasso in "The White Lotus."

Adam DiMarco as Albie Di Grasso in “The White Lotus.”

(Fabio Lovino/HBO)

Who’s the floating corpse? Albie Di Grasso (Adam DiMarco). The others are his father and possibly his grandfather or Lucia (Simona Tabasco).

Who (or what) is the killer? They have been killed by Alesso, Lucia’s pimp/boyfriend/brother.

How did it occur? Albie confronts Alesso in an effort to “free” Lucia.

Theory of the case: Bert Di Grasso introduced his son and grandson to Italy with some “Godfather”-romanticized thought of discovering their roots regardless of by no means having bothered to study even rudimentary Italian or why his household left or something a lot concerning the area. Whereas his father and grandfather are exploiters of girls, Albie has positioned himself as a savior — however none of them has any actual understanding of the people or tradition they’re coping with. This suits with the sequence’ overarching theme of the elitist obliviousness and the harmful chasm between White Lotus company and the individuals who serve them, with the added pathos of seeing punishment for the sins of the daddy(s) being visited upon the son.

Suzy Exposito, employees author

Jon Gries as Greg in "The White Lotus."

Who’s the floating corpse? Greg. Or Quentin.

Who is the killer? Greg, Quentin, considered one of his goons, or — gasp! — Portia.

How did it occur? We see Tanya on the boat within the season finale preview, proper? So we all know that she makes it out of her horny coke bender/blackmail try alive. I feel there will likely be an altercation between the scammers — the deal Greg made along with his posh buddy Quentin goes awry, and somebody will deviate from the plan. The gun we noticed within the final episode might come into play. Perhaps Portia lastly will get a grip, grabs the gun and fires it off in the course of the fracas.

Theory of the case: Greg hasn’t been married 4 occasions as a result of he has points with dedication. He’s been married 4 occasions as a result of he’s a grifter! However will he have a last-minute change of coronary heart?