What would a greatest image nod imply for Steven Spielberg?

“The Fabelmans” provides Steven Spielberg a very good shot at climbing additional up the all-time chief lists for steering and greatest image Oscar nominations. However latest historical past suggests “Fabelmans” star Michelle Williams is extra prone to win in March than is her director.


A “Fabelmans” directing nomination can be Spielberg’s ninth, tying Martin Scorsese for second behind the late William Wyler’s document 12.


A “Fabelmans” greatest image nomination would pad Spielberg’s all-time lead of 11 whole for a person producer.


awards seasons have handed since Spielberg received the director Oscar for 1998’s “Saving Private Ryan.” He received his two different aggressive awards, for steering and producing “Schindler’s List,” in 1994.


actors received Oscars for Spielberg movies during the last decade: lead actor Daniel Day-Lewis (“Lincoln,” 2013) and supporting performers Mark Rylance (“Bridge of Spies,” 2016) and Ariana DeBose (“West Side Story,” 2022). Contemplating that …


… actors received for performances in Spielberg movies earlier than 2013 — regardless of 9 nominations — Spielberg is clearly on a roll as a director of actors. Certainly …


… of nominated performers from Spielberg movies have received Oscars during the last 10 years. (“Lincoln” nominees Sally Area and Tommy Lee Jones and “The Post” nominee Meryl Streep didn’t win).