Seth Rollins, different WWE superstars reveal their dream Wrestlemania matchup

For these holding monitor, there are solely 232 days till evening one in every of Wrestlemania 39 at SoFi Stadium on April 1, 2023. And to have a good time that truth, WWE held a “Wrestlemania Launch Party” on Thursday evening on the residence of the Rams (oh yeah, and the Chargers).

Billed as “Wrestlemania Goes Hollywood” (who needs to inform them it’s really “Wrestlemania Goes Inglewood?”), the free occasion drew a whole lot of rabid supporters desirous to see their favourite wrestlers, together with Snoop Dogg, Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias and JoJo Siwa. Conveniently, tickets for Wrestlemania and a big provide of souvenirs have been readily available for individuals to purchase, and judging by the strains, some huge cash and merchandise modified fingers. For these of you who couldn’t attend, tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster.

Earlier than the occasion, we had the possibility to ask just a few of the wrestlers what their dream Wrestlemania match can be.

Queen Zelina: “I would say me vs. Lita for the Raw women’s championship, or even for the women’s title going back before that. Because it would be my childhood coming full circle. So I think Lita would be the best ‘Oh my gosh’ moment for nostalgia. But also, my favorite person to wrestle right now is Rhea Ripley, so that would work too.”

And who would induct Queen Zelina if she makes it into the WWE Corridor of Fame sooner or later?

Queen Zelina: “Ooh, I hadn’t even thought about that. I would say Rey Mysterio because he was such a big reason for me to choose this career path, especially being small in stature and he always made me feel proud to be who I am as a Latina.”

Concept: “John Cena. I could explain the why, but I think it’s pretty obvious. My whole childhood I looked up to John Cena, but on top of that, this past year we actually had an exchange of words on Raw that made me know that it’s a match that everyone would want to see. I mean, Hollywood. Peacemaker. Theory. It makes sense.”

Seth Rollins: “I would love nothing more than to wrestle ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels in the match that he made famous with Bret Hart at Wrestlemania XII: the Ironman match. I would love the opportunity to top what they did a Wrestlemania XII. I don’t know if I could, but I’d love to try.”

Snoop Dogg’s favourite Wrestlemania second: “Hogan vs. Andre. Wrestlemania III. I’m old school. Two of the all-time greats.”

And what higher technique to wrap issues up than with this traditional reply from Snoop when requested what are the percentages we see him within the ring at Wrestlemania 39: “About 4-20.”