Lions leap in, Bengals maintain regular in Colin’s ‘Herd Hierarchy’

The 2022 NFL common season is winding down, and groups are starting to punch their ticket to the playoffs. 

How have been the Minnesota Vikings impacted by their historic 33-point comeback victory over the Indianapolis Colts? The place do the Kansas Metropolis Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys stand after shaky Week 15 outings? Are the Philadelphia Eagles or the Cincinnati Bengals the group to beat?

Right here is the “Herd Hierarchy” heading into Week 16, with insights from FOX Wager.

Herd Hierarchy: Lions leap in, Jaguars, Bengals pack Colin’s Prime 10 into Week 16

Colin Cowherd reveals his prime 10 groups heading into Week 16.

10. Minnesota Vikings (Final week: 8)

General file: 11-3 | Final week: Vikings gained 39-36 vs. Indianapolis Colts

Colin’s ideas: “Their defense stinks, but Kirk Cousins leads the NFL with seven fourth quarter comebacks. There is value in playing well late. There is value in coming from behind and value in winning close games — 11-3 in the National Football League, you are a good football team.”

Championship odds: +1800

Up subsequent: Giants @ Vikings (1:00 p.m. ET Saturday, FOX)

New York Giants


Minnesota Vikings


9. Detroit Lions (Final week: unranked)

General file: 7-7 | Final week: Lions gained 20-17 vs. New York Jets

Colin’s ideas: “Jared Goff, six straight games without a pick. Nobody’s getting to him. When Jared Goff is comfortable, he’s a top 10-12 quarterback in this league. Goff has not taken a sack in back-to-back games. The Jets couldn’t get to him. This offensive line and these weapons are the real deal. They can win low scoring, they can win a shootout. I would take ’em today against the Vikings if they met again.”

Championship odds: +5000

Up subsequent: Lions @ Panthers (1:00 p.m. ET Saturday, FOX)

Detroit Lions


Carolina Panthers


8. Jacksonville Jaguars (Final week: unranked)

General file: 6-8 | Final week: Jaguars gained 40-34 vs. Dallas Cowboys

Colin’s ideas: “This is a real team. Trevor Lawrence is the best quarterback in the league since Week 9. Now, they lost Cam Robinson, the left tackle, or I’d probably have them a spot higher. That’s a big deal. They didn’t have a great offensive line to begin with, they can’t lose their best offensive lineman.”

Championship odds: +8000

Up subsequent: Jaguars @ Jets (8:15 p.m. ET Thursday, Amazon)

Jacksonville Jaguars


New York Jets


7. Dallas Cowboys (Final week: 5)

General file: 10-4 | Final week: Cowboys misplaced 40-34 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Colin’s ideas: “Ten straight games rushing for over 125 yards. I think that’s the story. I think they’ve found their run game. Boy, could Buffalo use this run game. Now, Dak is throwing more interceptions. Some would argue this offensive line’s a work in progress, and after CeeDee Lamb, who’s a very good receiver, they don’t have a ton on the perimeter. But I think Dallas is just outside of the Super Bowl bubble.”

Championship odds: +1200

Up subsequent: Eagles @ Cowboys (4:25 p.m. ET Saturday, FOX)

Philadelphia Eagles


Dallas Cowboys


6. Miami Dolphins (Final week: 7)

General file: 8-6 | Final week: Dolphins misplaced 32-29 vs. Buffalo Payments

Colin’s ideas: “They outplayed Buffalo in lousy weather. This is a good team. They’re not a Super Bowl-winning team, but like Dallas, they can beat anybody, especially at home. Their defense isn’t great, but it’s been banged up for a good chunk of the year. Tua’s got his limitations. Against good defenses, he completes under 60% of his throws. That’s why I compared him to Tebow.”

Championship odds: +3500

Up subsequent: Packers @ Dolphins (1:00 p.m. ET Sunday, FOX)

Inexperienced Bay Packers


Miami Dolphins


5. Buffalo Payments (Final week: 4)

General file: 11-3 | Final week: Payments gained 32-29 vs. Miami Dolphins

Colin’s ideas: “Now, the Bills are better [than the Dolphins], but they were out-schemed and for big chunks of that game, outplayed at home in bad weather. C’mon, Miami going up in a blizzard? That thing should be over at half. Three losses have come by a combined eight points. What concerns me is they’re not always good situationally, and they’re highly dependent on Josh Allen to save the day. It’s got a Chargers feel to it.”

Championship odds: +350

Up subsequent: Payments @ Bears (1:00 p.m. ET Saturday, CBS)

Buffalo Payments


Chicago Bears


4. San Francisco 49ers (Final week: 6)

General file: 10-4 | Final week: 49ers gained 21-13 vs. Seattle Seahawks

Colin’s ideas: “Does it even matter who plays quarterback? They have eight wins by over 10 points — most in the NFL — [and the] No. 1 scoring defense. And, by the way, since they lost to the Chiefs, they’re 7-0. It doesn’t matter who plays quarterback. They are the most talented team in the league.”

Championship odds: +700

Up subsequent: Commanders @ 49ers (4:05 p.m. ET Saturday, CBS)

Washington Commanders


San Francisco 49ers


3. Kansas Metropolis Chiefs (Final week: 3)

General file: 11-3 | Final week: Chiefs gained 30-24 vs. Houston Texans

Colin’s ideas: “Here’s what worries me: Opposing quarterbacks this year, and there’s been a lot of dogs, have a passer rating over 99 against the Chiefs. Why does that worry me? ‘Cause they may face Josh Allen and Joe Burrow, or in the first round, who knows, they could face the Chargers and Justin Herbert.”

Championship odds: +550

Up subsequent: Seahawks @ Chiefs (1:00 p.m. ET Saturday, FOX)

Seattle Seahawks


Kansas Metropolis Chiefs


2. Philadelphia Eagles (Final week: 1)

General file: 13-1 | Final week: Eagles gained 25-20 vs. Chicago Bears

Colin’s ideas: “Jalen Hurts is out. That’s why I take ’em out of the No. 1 spot. And I do sometimes think they’re reliant on Jalen Hurts’ feet more than his arm — that concerns me. Their defense, though, the NFL’s best pass defense, best yards-per-play defense. They’re a handful. It’s just hard to move the ball [on them].”

Championship odds: +400

Up subsequent: Eagles @ Cowboys (4:25 p.m. ET Saturday, FOX)

Philadelphia Eagles


Dallas Cowboys


1. Cincinnati Bengals (Final week: 2)

General file: 10-4 | Final week: Bengals gained 34-23 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Colin’s ideas: “I think Cincinnati’s the best team in the league. I’ve been on this for seven weeks. Situationally, best team in the football. Six-game winning streak. Burrow now has time to throw. He’s completing 70% of his throws. I don’t see a lot of weaknesses here. They were totally flat against Tampa on the road, a decent team, and came roaring back. They have two running backs, three receivers, tight end, now Burrow’s getting protection. Defense doesn’t have stars, but usually, schemes brilliantly at half and shuts you down.”

Championship odds: +750

Up subsequent: Bengals @ Patriots (1:00 p.m. ET Saturday, CBS)

Cincinnati Bengals


New England Patriots


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