Kelly Rizzo Tearfully Reflects On Husband Bob Saget’s Passing And What She Misses Most

Kelly Rizzo, the spouse of the late comic Bob Saget, revealed on Thursday what she misses essentially the most about her husband, who died from unintended head trauma in January.

“I want to say everything, but just his protection,” Rizzo advised ET. She added, “It felt safer with Bob in the world, ’cause he just took care of everybody so much. He was such a protector and a caretaker. He just made you feel safe. He handled everything. He took care of everything.”

“With him around, I just felt, like, so safe, and so it’s almost like my shield is gone,” Rizzo added. “But, at the same time, then you learn to do some of those things yourself and then you feel [that] he taught me so many things that now I’m bringing with me. It’s a way to kind of keep him around.”

Saget, 65, was discovered useless on Jan. 9 whereas on tour. His household later mentioned authorities advised them he “accidentally hit the back of his head on something, thought nothing of it and went to sleep.”

Rizzo advised ET that no one had a “wicked and hilarious” humorousness like her late husband. She mentioned her grief “comes in waves” and that she would possibly “have a good day, and then I’ll have three horrible days” — and that the merciless cycle then merely continues.

Saget “never thought he would find somebody again” after his first divorce, Rizzo advised ET. However that modified when the pair met on-line in 2015. They married in 2018.

“I’ve never met anybody like him,” Rizzo advised US Weekly in 2018. “He keeps me on my toes, literally. He’s just a wonderful guy. He’s a comedian, so there’s never a dull moment! And all of his friends are just so fun because they’re just as fun and unique and complex as he is.”

Rizzo mentioned her late husband could be comfortable about her sturdy relationship along with his daughters.

Michael Kovac through Getty Pictures

Rizzo advised ET that Saget could be happy with her relationship along with his three grownup daughters, Jennifer, Lara and Aubrey.

The late comic talked about how “magical” that connection was in 2018.

“Kelly and my daughters love each other, so it really is some magical thing that happened,” Saget advised US Weekly, including he and his spouse didn’t plan on having kids. He added, “We want to enjoy the love of each other, so that’s something that we want to do. I’ve been a dad a lot. Maybe I’ll be a grandfather one day.”

Rizzo has saved herself busy with “Eat, Travel, Rock” — her manufacturing firm its titular net collection — and by supporting the Scleroderma Analysis Basis, which Saget was closely concerned with.

“It was his life’s work,” Rizzo advised ET. “Outside of his family, the most important thing to him was this foundation. Scleroderma is the disease that took his sister’s life in the early ’90s and he truly dedicated his life to trying to find a cure for it. They’ve made so much progress because of his efforts.”

Scleroderma is a mix of uncommon ailments that harden the pores and skin and have an effect on the blood vessels, digestive tract and inner organs, in response to the Mayo Clinic. There’s at present no treatment.

Rizzo added that Saget “did more in his life than most people could ever dream of” and “truly made the world a better place.” She mentioned she was “grateful that I was a part of it” and that his legacy was about love — which she’s unbelievably proud to hold on in his honor.

“I tell people I love them now every time I leave the room or I hug them every time I leave the room because Bob loved his hugs and he loved telling people he loved them,” Rizzo advised ET. “That really resonated with people.”

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