Keith City Could Have Simply Confirmed Bo Burnham-Phoebe Bridgers Romance

Urban’s TikTok video from the VIP tent at Sunday’s show at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field shows him and Kidman dancing to Swift’s “Style” and has been liked more than 750,000 times. In the background of the happy scene, digital sleuths spotted the intimate moment between Burnham and Bridgers.

“Keith having the time of his life with Nicole not knowing the chaos he just put out on the internet,” wrote one TikTok user.

“Keith casually releasing a hard confirmation of Phoebe/Bo is so iconic,” another person declared.

Bridgers split with actor Paul Mescal late last year after two years of dating.

Some people suggested Urban intentionally outed Burnham as revenge for his anti-country song “Pandering,” which seems unlikely. The footage has nonetheless left fans chatting in lieu of an official relationship confirmation.

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