Johnny Knoxville Sued Over ‘Terrifying’ Prank Involving Pony And Electricity

Johnny Knoxville has made a profession out of pranking his “Jackass” co-stars and unsuspecting civilians. Nonetheless, the 51-year-old has now been sued alongside manufacturing firm Dickhouse Leisure for an allegedly “terrifying ordeal.”

In a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, handyman Khalil Khan claimed he was employed through Taskrabbit to restore an electrical dimmer swap on the actor’s dwelling in Lengthy Seaside, California. He was advised the final man did a awful job, so he “better do it right or he would get beaten up,” per Yahoo.

Khan claimed the proprietor advised him, “I know jiu-jitsu,” which allegedly made him concern for his security. Keen to finish the job and go away, Khan started working just for the lights to exit — when a 10-year-old lady appeared and accused him of killing her pony.

The proprietor returned accountable Khan for reducing off the electrical energy and claimed this led to the demise of the little lady’s pony, which gave the impression to be on life assist in an adjoining room. The defendant, who claimed he was in shock, then seen any individual towing away his automotive.

When he tried to name the police, Khan alleged one of many “tow trucker men” rushed over with a bag of white powder — and accused him of getting cocaine in his automotive.

Knoxville advised Khan the complete ordeal had been a prank, however Khan was not amused.

ROBYN BECK through Getty Pictures

“At this point, Plaintiff (Khan) was in a panic,” the lawsuit stated.

“In the span of just minutes, he had been threatened with being beaten up, told he botched the repair job, accused of murdering a pony, had his car taken without permission, and now was being told he would be arrested for possession of illicit narcotics,” it continued.

A consultant for Knoxville didn’t instantly reply to HuffPost’s request for remark.

Whereas audiences would’ve anticipated his entrance at this level, Knoxville’s sudden look to tell Khan this had been an elaborate prank didn’t go nicely. Provided a “few hundred dollars,” Khan was “not amused and remains unamused.”

The lawsuit alleges Khan is “badly shaken and traumatized by this episode” and stated he’s been sleepless, anxious, nervous and distressed. He sued Knoxville and Dickhouse Leisure for compensatory, particular, and punitive damages and authorized prices.

“Khan worried that if the episode becomes public, it will subject him to embarrassment and ridicule and potentially cause harm to his reputation and business as well,” the lawsuit argued.