John Oliver Exposes The Worst Trump Coverage That Biden Is Nonetheless Utilizing Immediately

John Oliver on Sunday night’s “Last Week Tonight” called out President Joe Biden for failing to deliver on one of his biggest 2020 promises.

Biden vowed to reverse Donald Trump’s restrictive immigration policies and allow asylum-seekers back into the country.

But as Oliver pointed out, “Biden has disappointed in a lot of ways,” and the changes coming soon could actually make the crisis at the border even worse.

Trump, Oliver said, used a public health order called Title 42 to block immigrants by claiming it would stop the spread of coronavirus early in the pandemic despite no evidence it would do so.

Biden didn’t reverse that policy.

As Oliver noted, it’s still in place today.

It’s set to finally expire this month, and would-be immigrants will then be expected to use an app that Oliver said is so bad that it’s been compared to Ticketmaster.

He added that the icon for the app looks like a border patrol officer with “a raging boner,” which he called fitting “given just how thoroughly it fucks people.”

Oliver played an old clip of Biden from the 2020 campaign trail.

“You can’t even seek asylum on American soil?” Biden at the time. “When did that happen?”

“I can answer that for you, Joe,” Oliver interjected. “Now! It’s in a rule that you just proposed.”

Oliver said that while Title 42 might be ending, Biden’s proposal means not much will change.

“We’re just entering a different phase of an immigration dystopia,” he warned.

“But that is too low a bar,” he said. “Biden at the very least should be held accountable to the promises he made.”

See his full segment below: