Howard Stern: Harry And Meghan Are ‘Whiny B***hes’ In New Netflix Docuseries

Howard Stern thinks the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are stuffed with Baba baloney.

The radio host spoke about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new Netflix docuseries, “Harry & Meghan,” throughout Monday’s episode of his SiriusXM present.

“It’s been painful,” Stern mentioned of the royal couple, per Mediaite. “They come off like such whiny bitches. … I just don’t get it.”

He went on to state that he does have compassion for one half of the pair.

“I get Prince Harry being pissed off at the monarchy for his mother,” Stern mentioned, referring to Princess Diana.

“They treated her like shit. … That Prince Charles was such a fucking cunt to Lady Diana,” he mentioned, including that he has “empathy” for Harry with regard to her demise.

However the radio host mentioned he had some hassle sympathizing with Meghan’s state of affairs.

“But Jesus Christ, when those two start whining about, ‘Wah wah wah, and they don’t like me.’ And [Meghan] … wants to be beloved in this country, but man oh man.”

A photograph composite exhibits Howard Stern, left, together with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Gilbert Carrasquillo through Getty Pictures/Samir Hussein through Getty Pictures

Stern mentioned he couldn’t wrap his head round why the couple needed to place out the collection within the first place, calling it “hypocritical.”

“It’s just very weird to watch two people who keep screaming: ‘We wanted our privacy. We wanted the press to leave us alone.’ And then what is their special that they put out on Netflix? Showing you them and their kids and their life. It’s like ‘The Kardashians,’ except boring.”

Robin Quivers, Stern’s co-host, agreed. She famous that the collection consists of footage of the couple “taping themselves on their phones when they’re going through all this.”

“So they were always recording themselves,” Quivers mentioned. “‘You don’t know the whole story’ — [but] it seems that I do!”

The 2 hosts additionally advised that data supplied within the docuseries largely rehashes the couple’s notorious interview with Oprah Winfrey final 12 months, through which they spoke about their exit from the royal household in 2020.

“Where do you go with this?” Stern mentioned of their lives after the departure. “Is this your career? Talking about how humiliated you were being part of, I don’t know, living in a castle — and it’s hard to relate to. It’s like, it looks pretty terrific to me. If it was me, I never had to worry about money and never had to worry about work.”

Stern additionally predicted that Harry will depart Meghan sooner or later. “I think he’s eventually not going to dig her,” he instructed his listeners.

“Harry & Meghan,” which debuted with three episodes final week and can see the remainder of collection launched Thursday, acquired criticism earlier than it even premiered.

Quite a few media retailers identified how some footage included within the docuseries’ trailer was deceptive — noting that b-roll within the teaser seemingly got here from the 2011 premiere of the movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,” whereas different footage confirmed a trial involving mannequin Katie Worth.