John Oliver Gives Marjorie Taylor Greene A Blunt Fact-Check On Monkeypox

John Oliver took a better have a look at the monkeypox outbreak ― and, extra particularly, simply how badly the federal authorities has dealt with it to date.

One purpose for it, he mentioned, is as a result of a lot of these affected are homosexual males.

“You have to believe that if monkeypox were spreading largely through heterosexual sex, things would be drastically different,” he mentioned. “By now, you’d probably be able to get a ‘free vax with purchase’ at every J. Crew in the country.”

Oliver mentioned it’s not homophobic to acknowledge these most impacted by the outbreaks, akin to homosexual males and intercourse staff.

“What is homophobic is when you blame or shame the people who are suffering or you decide you don’t need to care about this because you don’t see their lives as valuable or their suffering as consequential,” he unhappy.

Working example: far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), who not too long ago dismissed monkeypox.

“It’s not a threat to most of the population,” she mentioned in a clip proven by Oliver. “People just have to laugh at it, mock it and reject it… it’s another scam.”

Oliver dismissed that as ridiculous.

“If the way to get rid of something awful was for people to laugh at it and mock it, that woman clearly wouldn’t be in Congress,” he mentioned. “And yet here all we are.”

See extra about monkeypox and probably enhance the scenario in his section from Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight”: