Are Lash Lifts Safe? Here’s What You Should Know Before Getting One

For generations, individuals have sought out lengthy, darkish eyelashes. Between mascara, pretend eyelashes, lash serums and eyelash curlers, many instruments will help obtain this look quickly.

Now, although, semipermanent chemical processes, like lash lifts, can provide eyelashes a lift, curling them upward to take away the necessity for mascara and making your eyes seem larger and brighter.

As with all chemical course of, lash lifts may have unwanted effects, and a few individuals ought to suppose twice earlier than reserving an appointment.

Specialists advised HuffPost what to know in regards to the security of lash lifts.

What precisely is a lash raise?

“A lash lift is similar to the process of a perm for your hair,” mentioned Dr. LaTasha Perkins, a household doctor at MedStar Georgetown College Hospital. “The same chemicals are used on your lashes to give them a more curled look.”

Once you get a lash raise, a technician applies a silicone mildew or defend onto the eyelid utilizing a unhazardous glue, which is the one factor that ought to contact your pores and skin in the course of the course of. The technician then lays the lashes over the mildew, which is curved upward and outward to create a curl.

Subsequent, a perm answer is added to the lashes and sits for about quarter-hour. That’s then wiped off and changed with a setting answer to complete the method, which in complete takes roughly 45 minutes.

As soon as full, this semipermanent process usually lasts till your lashes shed and new ones develop of their place.

That sometimes happens after about 4 to 6 weeks, although this time-frame differs from individual to individual, Perkins added.

Lash lifts are protected, however allergic reactions are doable

“While lash lifts are considered safe overall, some people, especially those with sensitive skin, may experience skin sensitivity or [an] allergy,” mentioned Dr. Marisa Garshick, a dermatologist at MDCS Dermatology in New York Metropolis.

Particularly, you might have an allergic response to the adhesive, which may trigger burning, stinging or redness on the pores and skin across the eye, she mentioned.

So if you understand your pores and skin reacts to sure supplies, it’s possible you’ll wish to rethink earlier than heading in for an appointment.

Chemical substances within the perm answer may irritate your pores and skin

There’s “some risk with using chemicals on hair follicles,” mentioned Perkins. The chemical compounds utilized in lash lifts fluctuate, however they could embody thioglycolic acid or polyacrylamide, which is manufactured from a suspected carcinogen, in line with cosmetics firm Plume Hair & Lash Science.

Some individuals, Perkins mentioned, may even have an allergic response to the chemical compounds or expertise common irritation. Whereas the perm answer isn’t straight utilized to the pores and skin, it may doubtlessly drip into the follicles or be utilized by a technician with a not-so-steady hand.

“The hair can also be affected if the chemicals are left on too long,” leading to broken eyelashes, Perkins mentioned.

However if you happen to go to an skilled lash raise skilled, they need to know the perfect period of time to go away them on. Simply do your analysis upfront to search out the very best salon for lash lifts close to you.

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Lash lifts have grown more and more standard and are protected general. They do include some dangers, nonetheless.

People who find themselves pregnant ought to speak to their physician first

The precise danger of lash lifts throughout being pregnant is debated, and opinions differ from professional to professional. However the process is widely known as protected after the primary trimester.

Nonetheless, you must speak to your OB-GYN earlier than getting into for a lash raise, it doesn’t matter what trimester you’re in.

Perkins, although, is among the many consultants who consider that you must maintain off till you might be not pregnant, as a result of chemical nature of the method.

Chemical substances can switch from pregnant individuals to growing fetuses by the placenta, which is why medical doctors usually advocate ready till the second trimester to dye your hair and avoiding phthalates — which are sometimes present in plastics and fragrances — when doable.

Analysis into the long-term results is missing

As with different hair in your physique, an excessive amount of chemical processing can go away your lashes broken, in line with Dr. Nicole Bajic, an ophthalmologist at Cleveland Clinic’s Cole Eye Institute.

“If you think of your eyelashes as being like the hairs on your head, less is more,” she mentioned.

“If you’re constantly stressing out the lash follicles, you can have potentially permanent damage,” she added.

That injury may seem in lots of kinds, however knowledge on what precisely it’d appear to be is missing, since lash lifts are a reasonably new process.

Bajic added that she worries in regards to the long-term results and nonetheless encourages her sufferers to go the old school route: mascara from a good firm and an eyelash roller now and again.