Harry And Meghan Claim Royal Institution ‘Blocked’ Him From Seeing The Queen

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have claimed the establishment “blocked” Prince Harry from seeing his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, after they determined to step again as senior royals.

The last three episodes of their Netflix sequence, “Harry & Meghan,” which dropped on Thursday, comprise quite a few references to the late monarch.

In episode 5, Harry remembers that he and Meghan have been planning to fly again to the U.Okay. from Canada for a go to in early 2020 and the queen advised him she had no plans all week so they may go for tea and keep the evening.

(L-R) Queen Elizabeth II, the Duchess of Sussex, Duke of Sussex, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (now the Prince and Princess of Wales) watching the RAF a centesimal anniversary flypast from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

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Meghan stated: “We’re flying back from Vancouver straight to Heathrow and right as we’re getting on the plane this urgent message comes through to H, saying: ’You are not allowed to go and see Her Majesty.

“Make sure that your principal is aware he cannot go and see her. She’s busy. She has plans all week.’”

Harry advised the digital camera: “I was like ‘Well, that’s certainly the opposite to what she had told me.’”

“Once we were back in the UK, I rang her and said ‘We’re now told that you’re busy.’

“And she said ‘Yes. I didn’t know that I was busy. I’ve now been told I’m busy all week. I’ve actually been told I’m busy all week.’ I was like ‘Wow.’”

Meghan added: “I remember looking at H and thinking ’My gosh. This is when a family and a family business are in direct conflict because they’re blocking you from seeing the Queen, but what they’re really doing is blocking a grandson from seeing his grandmother.”

Harry additionally denied claims he “blindsided” the queen with the couple’s social media assertion on stepping again as senior royals, dubbed Megxit by some within the press.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Meghan stated that, as they suspected contents from Harry’s letter to his father had been leaked, they may “could feel the ticking clock from that point”.

She added: “So with our team we decided that we were going to put out a statement to say that we were going to, sadly, be stepping back, not stepping down, but to just have a reduced role.”

Harry added: “For my whole life the purse strings have been controlled by my father. Within a family, it’s normal to have that financial control over other members of the family.”

Meghan stated their intentions to proceed supporting the queen and the Commonwealth have been “in black and white” within the assertion.

The documentary cuts to information protection of the fallout with information presenters’ voices saying Charles and William have been solely despatched a replica of the assertion ten minutes earlier than it was launched.

“This idea that I supposedly blindsided my grandmother just never happened. I have so much respect for her,” Harry stated.

Meghan added: “This has been on going for months and months. I think in some people’s mind this was me going: ‘Post!’ – What?”

The duchess additionally disclosed the queen advised her to write down the letter to her estranged father, Thomas Markle, which was then leaked to the press.

Meghan subsequently sued the present writer of the Day by day Mail, Related Newspapers Restricted (ANL), and gained in 2021 after The Mail On Sunday printed components of the “personal and private” letter.

Elsewhere, she spoke of her first official engagement with the queen and the way the late monarch had lined her with a blanket to maintain her heat.

Talking of their relationship, she stated: “I treated her as my husband’s grandma, and knowing that of course there has to be a completely different sense of propriety in public, when you’re sitting and having breakfast to just be able to talk.

“When we got into the car in between engagements she had a blanket and she put it over my knees and we were sitting in this car with this blanket and I thought ‘I recognize and respect and see that you’re the Queen, but in this moment I’m so grateful that there is a grandmother figure because that feels like family.’

“And because I was so so close with my grandmother,” Meghan stated, including she had taken care of her grandmother “in her final years.”

Meghan added of her engagement with the Queen that it was “such a good day, we laughed.”