Trevor Noah Taunts Eric Trump With 1 Reason Why He Hasn’t Been Arrested

Trevor Noah has revealed some “shocking news”: One other affiliate of former President Donald Trump has been arrested.

Trump’s ex-chief strategist Steve Bannon was arrested Thursday in reference to an alleged fraud scheme that concerned taking cash from donors who have been instructed their funds would assist building of a wall alongside the U.S.-Mexico border. He was charged by New York state prosecutors after being pardoned by Trump on federal costs in 2020.

“It’s like, how many more are left? Seems like everyone around Trump has been put in cuffs,” Noah mentioned on “The Daily Show” Thursday. “His CFO, his lawyer, his campaign manager, his other campaign manager, his campaign manager after that, his deputy campaign manager, his fundraisers, his advisers, basically every single person Donald Trump has ever met has gone to prison.”

“And I know what you’re saying,” Noah added. ”‘Trevor, Eric has never been to prison?’ Yeah, that’s as a result of he’s by no means met him, you dumb ass.”

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