Trevor Noah Says What Disgusts Him Most About Ron DeSantis Flying Migrants To Island

“The Daily Show” host started with an anatomically particular rant about how a lot of an “asshole” the potential 2024 Republican presidential candidate is. Then he provided specifics.

Noah questioned why DeSantis would orchestrate such a stunt ― “so he can prove that America’s immigration system is broken?”

“Yeah, everyone knows that,” the host continued. “But instead of pushing lawmakers to actually reform the system, he’s using taxpayer money to go viral?”

“This is what gets me: If you told DeSantis to spend the same amount of money helping these asylum seekers, he’d be like, ’Oh, we don’t have the funding for that.′ But to troll the Democrats, suddenly he’s like, ‘Put it on my card!’”

Quick-forward to 2:15 for the DeSantis section.