Timothée Chalamet Shares It’s ‘Tough To Be Alive Now’ In Social Media Era

Timothée Chalamet is slamming social media’s results on society.

The Academy Award nominee opened up Friday on the Venice Movie Pageant about feeling “intensely judged” attributable to large strain on the platforms.

“To be young now, and to be young whenever — I can only speak for my generation — is to be intensely judged,” he mentioned throughout a Venice Movie Pageant press convention, based on E! Information.

The “Bones and All” actor ― who stars within the flick set in the course of the Eighties earlier than the engulfing emergence of social media — mentioned it was a “relief to play characters” who grew up in a time lengthy earlier than platforms like Instagram and TikTookay existed.

“I can’t imagine what it is to grow up without the onslaught of social media,” the 26-year-old added. “And it was a relief to play characters who are wrestling with an internal dilemma absent the ability to go on Reddit or Twitter, Instagram or TikTok and figure out where they fit in.”

The New York star went on to say that social media might result in a “societal collapse.”

“Without casting judgment on that, you can find your tribe there, but I think it’s tough to be alive now,” Chalamet mentioned. “I think societal collapse is in the air — or it smells like it — and, without being pretentious, that’s why hopefully movies matter, because that’s the role of the artist… to shine a light on what’s going on.”

In the Luca Guadagino-directed “Bones and All,” Chalamet and Taylor Russell painting two cannibalistic lovers who “join together for a thousand-mile odyssey, which takes them through the back roads, hidden passages and trap doors of Ronald Reagan’s America.”

On Friday, the movie obtained an almost 10-minute standing ovation following its premiere on the Venice Movie Pageant.

The approaching-of-age romantic horror movie is ready to hit theaters on November 23.