The University of Texas is providing a category on the songs of Taylor Swift

The University of Texas at Austin is giving college students an opportunity to review Taylor Swift lyrics alongside works by such literary icons as Shakespeare, John Keats and sure, Robert Frost.
The college is providing an undergraduate course — “The Taylor Swift Songbook” — this fall as a part of its liberal arts honors program. It comes on the heels of a Swift-themed class at New York University final spring that ended with the singer because the graduation speaker.

English Professor Elizabeth Scala instructed CNN that she picked Swift as a result of the pop star writes her personal music and her lyrics may also help illuminate related strategies from basic poetry.

“This is a course on her songs as literary writing and the ways a popular and award-winning writer uses the same literary devices, figures, and tropes of traditional poetry in her work,” she stated. “It is not about celebrity or fame.”

College students will examine Swift’s songs alongside the writings of Western literature greats.

“They’ll be asked to analyze and contextualize common practices and problems across the centuries,” Scala stated.

Scala is a self-described Swift fan and stated her aim is to show literary traditions by way of a up to date lens.

“I want to take what Swift fans can already do at a sophisticated level, tease it out for them a bit with a different vocabulary, and then show them how, in fact, Swift draws on richer literary traditions in her songwriting, both topically but also formally in terms of how she uses references, metaphors, and clever manipulations of words,” Scala stated.

“I’ll be showing students that these operations and interpretive moves one makes when reading her songs are appropriate to all forms of writing.”

This being 2022, Scala additionally has arrange an Instagram for the category on which she posts Swift trivia and poses inquiries to followers.

The class will principally give attention to songs from Swift’s latest albums, however college students are free to carry up older songs for dialogue, Scala stated. With a lot of the lyrics posted on-line and the songs out there on Apple Music or Spotify, college students do not have to purchase music for the category, she stated.

The course additionally will tackle matters akin to gender, authenticity, followers’ affect on artists and writers, and the way language historical past and linguistic traditions enrich the studying expertise, Scala stated.

“I think it’s important to connect the curriculum to the present, but I’m not willing to cede the past. This is my way of sneaking the older material back in with relevance,” she added.

In 2015, UT Austin launched a category titled, “Beyoncé Feminism, Rihanna Womanism” to discover Black feminism. Different universities even have made headlines for programs centered on pop stars, together with the University of Copenhagen’s “Beyoncé, Gender and Race” and a University of South Carolina sociology course devoted to the work of Woman Gaga.
Subsequent spring, Texas State University will supply a category on British pop singer Harry Kinds.