Steve Harvey Left Speechless By Comedian’s Answer On ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

Steve Harvey apparently doesn’t sustain with the gargantuan dictionary of whacky New Zealand slang.

The “Celebrity Family Feud” host was visibly shocked on Sunday evening’s episode when New Zealand actor and comic Rhys Darby provided up some new terminology in response to one of many recreation present’s prompts.

″‘Passed away’ is a pleasant approach of claiming somebody died. Title a not-so-nice approach,” Harvey requested.

“I’d like to say: Carked it,” Darby answered.

Darby clarified: “You know, as in, ‘What happened to that guy?’ ‘Oh, he’s carked it.’ Cause it’s short for ‘carcass.’”

Different contestants jumped in to make clear that there’s an “r” within the phrase.

“What the hell’s going on?” Harvey requested, nonetheless baffled.

One of Darby’s teammates, Samba Schutte, assured Harvey he wasn’t alone.

“I need subtitles sometimes for these guys, too,” Schutte stated.

“Carked it” is a phrase generally utilized in Australia and New Zealand which means one thing has died or stopped functioning.

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