Stephen Colbert Taunts Eric Trump For Lamest Defense Of His Father Yet

As “The Late Show” host identified, among the paperwork discovered at Mar-a-Lago had been so delicate that even senior nationwide safety officers weren’t allowed to see them with out particular permission.

“The fact that he had them is completely indefensible,” Colbert stated. “So, the people trying to defend him are instead focusing on the evidence picture the FBI took of them on the carpet.”

“I can tell you, my father is a very very neat guy,” Eric Trump stated on Fox Information. “He doesn’t leave documents staged all over an office floor.”

That brought about Colbert to interrupt out his Eric Trump impression:

“My dad does not leave documents all over the floor, OK?” Colbert-as-Eric stated. “His crime is organized!”

See extra in his Wednesday evening monologue: