Kim Kardashian shares the kind of man she desires up to now subsequent

“Do you get set up by friends? Do you go on a dating app?” Corden requested. “How does Kim K. get a date?”

“I haven’t really thought about it, because I just, I’m not looking,” Kardashian replied. “I just want to chill for a minute. I think I need some time to myself and to focus, finish school, all that. But I think my next route will, I feel like I have to do something, like go to different places. Clearly it’s not working, whatever I’m doing. So I don’t know. Maybe, like, a hospital and meet a doctor. A law firm.”

She added that she desires her subsequent boyfriend to be brainy.

“I think it’s gonna be, like, scientist, neuroscientist, biochemist, doctor, attorney,” Kardashian mentioned. “That’s maybe what I envision in the future.”

Corden agreed, telling her, “I like where your mind is at here.”

“So if we ever see, like, paparazzi shots of, like, ‘Kim Kardashian spotted at NASA,’ we’ll be like, ‘Ahhhh, she’s back at it,” he joked.

After divorcing Kanye West, Kardashian had gone on up to now Davidson. They broke up after 9 months collectively.