John Oliver Exposes Tragic Consequence Of America’s Most ‘Mind-Blowing F**k-Up’

John Oliver mentioned Afghanistan wasn’t doing effectively beneath U.S. occupation ― but the scenario acquired even worse when American troops left and the Taliban took over one 12 months in the past.

“Our exit was the foreign policy equivalent of putting a cake in the oven, and then 40 minutes later taking out a live rat dressed as Hitler,” he mentioned. “It’s not just a fuck-up. It’s a mind-blowing fuck-up that’ll take years to fully comprehend.”

The Taliban has struggled to offer even primary providers to the citizenry. One skilled advised PBS the Taliban was designed to battle ― not rule.

“A militant insurgency group is pretty low on the list of people that you’d want leading a government,” he mentioned. “Right around the Hell’s Angels, the Manson family and Ron DeSantis.”

Underneath the Taliban, Afghans are discovering it troublesome or unattainable to get meals or healthcare, and ladies previous the age of 11 have been banned from faculty.

The Taliban at one level claimed they wanted extra time to create and approve a college uniform for ladies earlier than they may very well be allowed to return to class.

“Which is clearly total bullshit,” Oliver mentioned. “Besides, for an organization so concerned with virtue and purity, taking months to brainstorm a schoolgirl uniform you like is objectively the single perviest thing you can do.”

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