Jimmy Kimmel Pokes Trump’s Sore Spot With An Insult He Really Hates

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host pointed to new revelations within the upcoming guide The Divider by Peter Baker of The New York Occasions and The New Yorker’s Susan Glasser that declare Trump’s makes an attempt to buy Greenland from Denmark went loads additional than was initially reported.

Officers from Greenland and Denmark had dismissed the notion as “ridiculous,” and described it as proof that Trump had “gone mad.” Trump’s personal advisers reportedly labored to steer him away from the thought, the guide stated.

However Trump saved attempting anyway, generally with genuinely absurd presents. The brand new guide claimed he even proposed buying and selling Puerto Rico to Denmark for Greenland.

“He would do a swap, like it’s fantasy football or something,” Kimmel stated. “You know, a lot of attention is paid to how dangerous and impulsive and vain Trump is. Sometimes we forget, also very stupid, also not very bright.”

Trump admitted a number of instances that he actually doesn’t like being referred to as silly, and claimed his well-known “person, woman, man, camera, TV” cognitive check was to show his intelligence.

The check doesn’t measure intelligence however somewhat appears for proof of cognitive decline. Because of this, it’s designed to be simple.

Trump later admitted it was “quite tough” for him by the tip and claimed that as a result of he handed it, “Now, they don’t call me stupid.”

As Kimmel’s Thursday evening monologue confirmed, that’s simply not true: