‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Guest Host Lamorne Morris Mortifies His Mom With Cheeky Monologue

Who doesn’t wish to hear their son speaking about titties on nationwide TV?

Whereas visitor internet hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday evening, actor Lamorne Morris used language that embarrassed his mother whereas trashing HBO’s new “Game of Thrones” prequel, “House of the Dragon.”

“I don’t want to upset the show’s core fan base, which is men 18 to 49 who’ve never touched a titty before,” he quipped.

“Sorry, Mom,” Morris added. “My mom is here. My mom is actually in the audience right now. Mom, you don’t like it when I swear on TV, do you?”

His mom, who could possibly be seen bringing her hand to her face, confirmed that no, she didn’t.

“You know I once said the word ‘ass’ on TV and then she called me up the next day and she’s like, ’You know you don’t have to say that, right?” Morris mentioned. “Well, Mom, if you don’t want me to say ‘titty,’ I promise I will not say ‘titty’ again.”

Watch his roast beneath on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”: