How ‘Pam & Tommy’ make-up crew created that speaking penis

The outrageous story of the web’s first movie star intercourse tape so incessantly borders on the absurd that any retelling might rapidly turn into a farce. To keep away from that destiny, the Hulu restricted collection “Pam & Tommy” faithfully and meticulously re-creates the Nineteen Nineties story concerning the whirlwind romance of “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, and the torturous penalties of a stolen videotape of their honeymoon lovemaking.

The place many productions would possibly use computer-generated wizardry, the hair and make-up crew right here relied on handcrafted artistry and each software of their arsenal. The crew’s many challenges included reworking Lily James, a pale, slight British actress, into Anderson, the perennially tanned, busty Malibu intercourse image — and making a rock star’s penis discuss.

As head of the make-up division, David Williams managed each character’s look — together with actors enjoying Tommy Lee and his Motley Crue bandmates, Jay Leno, Hugh Hefner, Penthouse writer Bob Guccione and personal investigator Anthony Pellicano. He coordinated Barry Lee Moe’s wig and hairstyling crew and the particular results from Jason Collins of Van Nuys’ Autonomous F/X, which crafted dozens of face and physique prosthetics.

Sebastian Stan in make-up


“The Lily makeup is the most comprehensive character makeup that I think any of us have done,” stated Williams, a three-time Emmy winner who can be nominated for the Peacock restricted collection “Angelyne.”

”The overwhelming majority of making this look was portray highlights and shadows and contours and restructuring an amazing construction that was already there. We had been turning one lovely lady into one other lovely lady,” Williams stated.

Almost 70 prosthetic foreheads had been used on James to match Anderson’s larger hairline and facial construction, whereas about 25 eyebrow appliques remade her signature pencil-thin arches.

Moe designed and styled 27 customized wigs handcrafted by Wigmaker Associates in Beverly Hills, together with Anderson’s trendsetting messy up-dos. James managed to disguise her British accent sporting dentures to invoke Anderson’s capped-teeth smile.

To create Anderson’s buxom determine, Collins’ crew made a chest solid of James then constructed molds to supply gel-filled silicone prosthetics that glued onto the physique, extending previous her clavicle. Every of the 45 to 50 one-time-use home equipment had been then airbrushed on the physique to mix into the spray-tan pores and skin tone.

“Every stitch of her was painted–skin tone, everything, down to her fingernails,” Williams stated. James required 4 hours of make-up every day, whereas co-star Sebastian Stan’s transformation into Lee required about three hours, together with software of nipples solid from his personal in silicone that might be pierced with rings.

Lily James preparing for "Pam & Tommy" shoot (Hulu)

Lily James getting ready for “Pam & Tommy” shoot (Hulu)


Collins stated 70 units of digitally printed tattoos had been utilized in sections to correspond with Lee’s 35 tattoos that cowl his torso, again and arms. All needed to be altered barely and reviewed by attorneys to keep away from copyright infringement, Collins stated. James additionally wore tattoos, some which matched her birthmarks. The celebrities drenched all of it in ocean waves, bathtubs and sweat.

Anderson and Lee’s iconic hairstyles challenged Moe to get the items proper. Stan had his hair dyed, chemically straightened and slicked with pomade to realize the drummer’s sweaty, soiled locks. Anderson, etched into reminiscence with 14 Playboy covers and 110 “Baywatch” episodes, was the ‘90s gold standard for box-blond, dark-root up-dos.

“As much as I could, I didn’t need it to seem like a caricature of Pam,” Moe stated. “Our whole trailer was surrounded and covered in pictures of Pam so that Lily and I had a catalog of images to pull from to approach each scene.” Moe usually labored one part at a time on a rotating set of wigs, checking in opposition to photographs to repeat the dangle and bend of particular person tendrils.

“Those tiny details seemed crazy, but that side-by-side comparison helped make it look natural and beautiful on Lily in the end,” he stated.

A man stands in a home music studio.

Seth Rogen performs Rand Gauthier, the handyman with a grudge.

(Erica Parise / Hulu)

For Seth Rogen’s character, a woeful carpenter, Moe made a longish mullet modeled on his personal father, who labored for a Wisconsin phone firm within the ‘80s and ‘90s.

“He always had that beautiful, curly mullet that covered his neck to keep it from getting sunburned,” Moe said.

Touches of realism appeared in the most unexpected places, such as the scene taken from Lee’s autobiography the place a unadorned Lee talks to his penis about Anderson, and it talks again.

“It’s a mechanical penis that is cable controlled,” results designer Collins stated, including {that a} particular sock equipment was molded and glued on. Two puppeteers labored cables that ran down Stan’s legs.

“We have more dexterity with four-way pull — left right, up down. We were able to get more throw for the penis to look up at him, to look side to side, shake its head side to side and all of that stuff, with a cable control,” Collins stated. “The mouth was a small little mechanism, a push-pull.

“What’s really great when you have a puppet, versus something that is CG and not ‘there’ is that it gives the actor somebody to play against,” Collins stated.

Tommy (Sebastian Stan) and Pam (Lily James)

Tommy (Sebastian Stan) and Pam (Lily James)

(Erin Simkin / Hulu)

Williams was cautious to make that second of excessive comedy match the tone. “I have done a lot of sketch comedy in my career. When you’re doing absurdity … everything else around it needs to look and feel real,” Williams stated.

The various somber moments had been maybe more difficult aesthetically. Although Anderson was very actually overexposed throughout her early profession, Williams wished to deliver viewers nearer to the true lady. In a number of heart-wrenching scenes, Anderson’s glamour is stripped away, her make-up pure, comfortable, smeared and tear-streaked.

The audacious hair and make-up transformations created a actuality the place viewers — and the folks creating the phantasm — had been challenged to rethink what we find out about movie star.

Collins additionally credit the writers with giving the story coronary heart.

“They made something that was fun and entertaining, and also something to think about,” Collins stated, “About how we treat people and how we think their lives belong to us because they are in the limelight. That’s another reason why I will be proud I worked on this show.”