Hilary Duff recreates her viral anti-bullying PSA from 14 years in the past

In a video shared to her TikTok web page, she is with Pentatonix singer Scott Hoying and his fiancé, Mark Manio. All of them play youngsters making an attempt on tops in a clothes retailer, as Duff colleges them on not utilizing the phrase “gay” in a derogatory approach.

“Do you like this top?” Hoying asks. “It’s so gay,” Manio replies, including, “Yeah, it’s totally gay.”

Duff then interrupts to inform them that is not how the phrase ought to be used.

“You know, you really shouldn’t say that,” Duff lip-synchs over her personal phrases from the 2008 PSA.

“Say what?” Hoying asks.

Duff continues: “Well, saying that something’s gay when you mean it’s bad, it’s insulting. What if every time something was bad, everybody said, ‘That’s so girl wearing a skirt as a top.'”

“Those are cute jeans though,'” she provides.

Duff then tells viewers, “When you say, ‘That’s so gay,’ do you realize what you say? Knock it off.'”

The unique PSA went viral again in 2008. Duff filmed it for the Homosexual, Lesbian, and Straight Training Community’s (GLSEN) marketing campaign to teach folks on the usage of the phrase.

See the unique PSA right here.