Daniel Radcliffe Reveals Real Reason He Got In Such Shape For ‘Weird Al’ Movie

Daniel Radcliffe has all the time been a slim, trim and good-looking British lad. The trailer for his upcoming film, “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story,” nevertheless, noticed impassioned followers screech about his flat ironing-board abs. He revealed the true cause behind his new look in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” that aired Friday.

“I was shirtless more as Al than I’ve been in anything else,” he informed “ET” host Rachel Smith on the Toronto International Movie Pageant. “An article about the film came out saying that I got in shape for this role, which I didn’t. My parents do CrossFit. They’re in their 60s and they’re insanely fit people, so I’ve just got them to keep up with.”

Let Radcliffe inform it, his dad and mom are “phenoms” relating to the health routine. “We don’t do CrossFit together. CrossFit is their thing. I’m not fit enough, probably, for CrossFit,” he added.

For his newest function, Radcliffe stepped into the sneakers of “Weird” Al Yankovic, the singer who famously parodied common songs and solidified that craft right into a style of its personal. Directed by Eric Appel, the movie might be launched on the Roku Channel in November.

The actor naturally tried his hand on the accordion to convincingly painting Yankovich, who as soon as carried out a guitar solo reside for the very first time on stage in New York Metropolis. Radcliffe, whose craft primarily considerations appearing, didn’t significantly benefit from the endeavor.

Radcliffe (left) stated Yankovic (proper) was an “incredibly sweet, kind person.”

Araya Doheny by way of Getty Photos

“The accordion is a nightmare,” he stated. “It’s lovely, it’s wonderful, it is really, really fun, but also it breaks your brain… [It takes] immense practice and talent. It’s wild what he can do.”

Of the movie itself, the actor stated it was “the only time I’ve played someone that I’ve been a fan of.” He informed “ET” that he was very glad that Yankovic was “an incredibly sweet, kind person” and that he’s merely enjoying “a version” of him.

“Honestly, this film from front to back was just one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had,” he informed the outlet. “There was no one on this set that was indifferent to Al’s music, everyone on this set loves Al and was so pumped to be there every day.”

He went on so as to add: “It felt like this amazing sort of honor that we all got to be a part of something so crazy.”

“Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” hits the Roku Channel on Nov. 4.