Britney Spears blasts son, ex Kevin Federline for ITV doc

Britney Spears reemerged Thursday on Instagram after a short-lived hiatus to handle an ITV Information documentary that includes her teenage son, placing additional stress on their already strained relationship.

The “Toxic” and “Hold Me Closer” singer railed towards her ex-husband Kevin Federline — the daddy of her two sons — for permitting the sitdown, and took goal on the media, her household and her 13-year-conservatorship in a missive dripping with sarcasm and low blows. She expressed her disappointment about her kids’s involvement in filmmaker Daphne Barak’s doc, significantly her youthful son, Jayden, speaking about their fractured relationship.

“I 100% think this can be fixed. It’s just going to take a lot of time and effort. I just want her to get better mentally. When she gets better I really want to see her again,” the 15-year-old stated, in line with a transcript revealed Thursday by the Each day Mail. (The interview airs Friday on ITV Information.)

Spears, 40, who has beforehand taken difficulty with Federline’s public discussions of their household, was upset by Jayden saying that she’s not residing as much as his expectations. She additionally stated she “failed as a mother” as a result of her son doesn’t really feel that Spears’ dad and mom — Jamie and Lynne Spears, who orchestrated the entertainer’s conservatorship in 2008 after her public unraveling — are “not bad people.” (Federline just lately stated the authorized association “saved her.”)

“I’ve tried to my best at being the best person I can be … to be basically held hostage in homes under nurses and b—,” Spears’ publish stated in reference to her guardianship. “I hope my kids one day understand my reasoning… I say to my son Jayden that I send all the love in the world to you every day for the rest of my life!!!

“My love for my children has no boundaries and it deeply saddens me to know his outcry of saying I wasn’t up to his expectations as a mother … and maybe one day we can meet face to face and talk about this openly!!!” she continued. “Maybe dear child YOU can explain to me why our family would do that to anyone !!!!!”

Subsequent, she set her sights on Federline, whom she accused of not having a job in 15 years and smoking weed on daily basis.

“I completely understand your need to live with your father as I had to play the perfect role for 15 years for absolutely nothing. I’m so happy I had to carry 4 tours, judge X Factor and WAAAY more … I did that for you,” the pop star’s assertion stated.

“It’s horrible to see your dad be a hypocrite and say the media is horrible yet he has you talking about personal matters to them !!! If you could pause for a second remember where you came from !!! I hope you can look in the mirror and remember … you are my child and always will be,” she added.

Spears stated that she would love nothing greater than to see her children nose to nose, known as them “brilliant” and stated she is “so proud to call you both mine.” However the prolonged publish took a number of turns during which she each lapped and withheld reward.

“As for my mental health … my dear child understand you must learn to pick up a book and read one before you resort to even thinking about my intellect sweetheart,” she quipped. “Tell your father to go try and at least mow the lawn … Psss if you can honestly sit back and say with your sensible brilliant mind what memaw and paw paw did to me was fine and call them not bad people .., then yes I have failed as a mother and hopefully that’s a chat for you and your father.”

Spears’ new husband, Sam Asghari, whose June marriage ceremony the boys say they didn’t attend due to the media circus surrounding their mother, additionally piled on on Federline within the feedback, writing: “Mowing the lawn > professional baby daddy.”