Amanda Seyfried opens up about nudity as stars conflict over intimacy coordinators

Seyfried, who has been nominated for an Emmy for her portrayal of disgraced entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes, was discussing the development of her profession in a wide-ranging interview with Porter.

She mentioned she now enjoys “a respect level that I have never felt so fully around me” and that’s not right down to her achievements however her age — 36.

The “Mamma Mia” star then recalled how she had emerged “pretty unscathed” from her early days in performing, regardless of having been put in some tough conditions.

Seyfried mentioned: “Being 19, walking around without my underwear on — like, are you kidding me? How did I let that happen?

“Oh, I do know why: I used to be 19 and I did not wish to upset anyone, and I wished to maintain my job. That is why.”

Her comments come as numerous actresses are lining up to defend the role of on-set intimacy coordinators after actor Sean Bean criticized them in a recent interview.

Among them is Rachel Zegler, who played Maria in Steven Spielberg’s “West Facet Story” final 12 months.
Bean, whose many credit embody that of the ill-fated “Sport of Thrones” patriarch Ned Stark, was asked by British newspaper the Times how one of his earliest roles — in the BBC’s 1993 version of “Woman Chatterley’s Lover” — might have differed had intimacy coordinators been involved.

“It might spoil the spontaneity,” he said, later adding: “I believe the pure means lovers behave could be ruined by somebody bringing it proper right down to a technical train.”

The interview was picked up by numerous media outlets including Variety, which tweeted out its version. It was to this that Zegler responded, saying: “intimacy coordinators set up an setting of security for actors. i used to be extraordinarily grateful for the one we had on WSS— they confirmed grace to a newcomer like myself + educated these round me who’ve had years of expertise. spontaneity in intimate scenes might be unsafe. get up.”
'Bridgerton's' intimacy coordinator's work not as sexy as you'd think

Jameela Jamil, who performs the villain in Marvel’s upcoming “She-Hulk: Lawyer at Legislation” TV series, responded to Bean’s comment on love scenes being a “technical train” by saying: “It ought to solely be technical. It is like a stunt. Our job as actors is to make it not look technical. No person needs an impromptu grope…”

In the same interview, Bean referenced TV show “Snowpiercer,” in which he and actress Lena Hall were involved in a suggestive scene. When it was suggested to him that intimacy coordinators are there to protect actresses in the wake of #MeToo, he replied: “I suppose it relies on the actress. This one had a musical cabaret background, so she was up for something.”

Following publication of the article, Corridor herself posted a prolonged thread of Tweets in response. She wrote: “I most likely have to make clear some data on this random article since persons are reaching out to me like ‘woman, are you okay?'”

“Simply because I’m in theater (not cabaret, however I do carry out them each infrequently) doesn’t imply that I’m up for something.”

Lena Hall stars alongside Sean Bean in "Snowpiercer."

She went on to elucidate the circumstances of their scene and mentioned she wouldn’t hesitate to ask for a coordinator if the state of affairs required it.

“I do really feel that intimacy coordinators are a welcome addition to the set and assume they may additionally assist with the trauma skilled in different scenes. Typically you want em generally you do not however each single particular person and scene and expertise is completely different,” she wrote.

CNN has reached out to Sean Bean’s representatives for further comment.