‘Crocodile Dundee’ Star Paul Hogan Says Health Crisis Left Him ‘Feeble’

Actor Paul Hogan, who performed the knife-wielding however kindhearted bushman Crocodile Dundee in three movie comedies, is in a nasty means. (Watch the video under.)

The Australian actor, now 83 years outdated, stated Monday in an interview with the TV program “A Current Affair” that coronary heart and kidney points have left him “feeble.”

“I’m not in the place I’m meant to be but I’m not allowed to complain about anything,” he stated, per 7News in Australia.

Paul Hogan in 1986’s “Crocodile Dundee.”

Archive Photographs through Getty Pictures

Hogan rocketed to fame in 1986 because the eccentric Mick Dundee, who left the Outback for New York Metropolis in a low-budget, fish-out-of-water film that grossed greater than $328 million worldwide.

However the actor, who finalized his divorce from co-star Linda Kozlowski in 2014, has fallen on tough occasions in his well being.

“[I’ve] been better. I had a problem on that aorta in the kidney and the treatment fixed it, but it shrunk me,” Hogan instructed reporter Tracy Grimshaw this week. “I’ve lost all my body fat.”

Hogan has been battling retroperitoneal fibrosis, resulting in a development that surrounded the belly aorta and pressed on his kidney, “A Current Affair” reported. The uncommon and progressive illness causes “tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder (ureters) and other abdominal organs or vessels [to] become blocked by a fibrous mass and inflammation in the back of the abdomen,” in keeping with the Nationwide Institutes of Health.

He stated therapy was profitable however the unwanted effects have been profound. “The cure was worse than the disease,” he stated.

“The muscles all shrank. … It left me feeble,” Hogan stated.

Hogan, who has a pacemaker, stated he’s now “held together with string” and wishes his 24-year-old son to open jars for him, reported 7News.

The actor has been dwelling within the U.S. however stated he’s hoping to return completely to Australia.

“I’ve had such a gifted life. I’ve had so many wonderful things happen to me without deserving them so I shouldn’t complain but, yeah, ideally I’d rather be back in Sydney because I miss the rest of my family there,” he stated.